We have built an easy to use digital platform that allows you, the student athlete, to create a personal website showcasing your athletic and academic results to university coaches, scouts and teams.

Your visual resume is easily accessed via a unique URL by college coaches or recruiters looking to see key videos, personal achievements, team results, academics, extracurricular activities, key calendar dates for your events, and articles written about you and your team.

To become a member of the Sleengshot community, simply:

Click on Let's Get Started
on the homepage, and choose a plan.

Check your email for
your login information.

Login and update
your password.

Access your unique Administration Panel, and start uploading personal information, videos, pictures, stats etc. You can also access colleges and coaches information if you are a PLUS or TEAM member.

Click on the icon to view
your public profile at any time.
Your profile is public only to the
people you share your
unique profile link with.

Send and receive emails
in your personal
Admin Panel mailbox.

If you are a PLUS or TEAM member, access the College Information for useful information such as college tuition costs, average admission test scores, graduation rates, athletic teams data etc.